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Cap Master

The Cap Master is a measuring system for the measurement of TO caps and PT caps of 32-110 mm diameter. The caps need to be fed to the Cap Master or they can be taken by the optional self-sampling module on a predefined point directly from the production line. In case of the self-sampling system the caps will run as a group into a pre-buffer station and are held in one line to make sure that caps of all toolings are inside the buffer zone. From the pre-buffering zone the product enters the first module, the flip test module. In the flip test module the caps will be tested for the safety button flip (flip in and flip out).

The second module is the visual test module. In the visual test module the caps are tested for compound depth, button dip, curl thickness, curl height, lug height, lug shape. After all measurements are made the Cap Master drop the caps in the IO or NIO container. The system is able to inspect up to 600 caps per hour. The system is operated like any ibea vision system. So there is no need for timetaking training.

Measurement is made for:

·         Button flip

·         Compound depth

·         Button dip

·         Curl thickness

·         Curl height

·         Lug height

·         Lug shape


·         +/- 5 mBar

·         +/- 5/100 m

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Cap Master