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Our main objective: to save your quality

ibea develops and installs inspection systems for a perfect quality inspection - modularly structured, future-proof and flexible. Our aim is to assure a 24-hour trouble-free production. In addition to all technical requirements we always paid attention to high stability and low maintenance of our systems. We consider ouselves as system integrators and offer a complete service from consulting to implementation of our inspection systems, where we stand by your side all the time. The highest quality standards of our products guarantee the most efficient production for our customers. Read more...



NEW inspection system for canmakers

The single-line inspection system CS is the perfect basic solution in the metal packaging sector. With it, we have been able to reduce the size of our compact optical inspection system CUBE even further. The new CS system is particularly easy to integrate into existing production lines and requires only a very small mounting area.
The system can inspect up to 800 parts per minute with standard camera resolution. The proven inspection software enables the inspection of round or square metal packaging with diameters of up to 190 mm and heights of max. 300 mm.
The highlight is the automatic set-up, which allows complete adaptation for standard products (cans, lids, closures) with just one click.
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HC 500 - Height measuring system for concrete blocks

The HC 500 is installed directly behind the stone paver above the board transport. The concrete blocks passing under the device are scanned contact-free with up to 3 lasers and measured in height with an accuracy of +/- 0.2 mm.

The measuring range of the stone height is up to 500 mm. The measurement takes place in each case via the board reference, which is given by the gaps between the stones. Fluctuations caused by uneven boards are compensated and the measurement result is the actual stone height.
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Block Brick Inspection System BBIS

The system works with 3 high-resolution colour matrix cameras and 2 correspondingly resolving 3D cameras from the side to check all technically relevant sides (except the support side of the conveyor belt) of block bricks.
BBIS is therefore ideally suited for checking the brick quality, especially the grinding dimension. The intuitive operation via teach-in makes for very simple set-up. The system is therefore suitable for a permanent 100% inspection of all products and is very flexible for product changeovers. The evaluation is fully automatic and offers full statistics with a detailed error statement (classifier). In connection with our Checkweight you can therefore monitor the volume and thus the density of your products. A corresponding ejector sorts out defective products.

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CSIS inspection system for checking clay columns

The Hamburg based company ibea GmbH has developed an inspection system for checking clay columns in the brick and tile industry.
The clay column steadily exiting the extruder generally has a smooth surface. Depending on what surface effects are required, in the next step the column can be further processed, e.g. peeled, scarred, sanded, etc. Then, the ibea inspection system uses three colour matrix cameras to inspect the column and detect any defects. Only then is the continuous column cut into the required green products. If defects are detected, the rejected clay can be recirculated, and losses minimized.
The CSIS inspection system uses three ultrafast colour matrix cameras to inspect the clay column from three sides. Alternatively, a fourth camera can be added to monitor the column from below. With this system, deviations can be detected, monitored and immediately displayed to the plant operative.
The system can stop the cutting process and prevent any unsatisfactorily extruded material going on to the downstream production process. This saves material and ensures that production can continue running without stoppages.
The system can be trained automatically with different product sizes and surfaces.




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