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Test and Inspection Systems for the Automobile Industry

ibea develops and integrates inspection systems to ensure your quality - modular in design, flexible and future-proof. Our goal is to secure your production processes without interruption and around the clock. Our systems comply with the highest industry standards and we guarantee system stability and performance, absolutely maintenance-free. We know that meeting only the highest quality standards will secure your uninterrupte production!



Test criteria:


Our expertise

Surfaces, textures, geometries, shapes and dimensional accuracy, roughness, position and rotation measurement, anomalies control, crack inspection, coating inspection.

Our image processing technologies

Color, 2D and 3D, optical measurements, hologram recordings, heat flow thermography by direct application of heat or by means of ultrasonic excitation (for microstructure examinations or crack tests), UV fluxing agent, X-Ray.

Our other testing technologies

Acoustic inspection (excitation via clapper systems), eddy current measurement (eg for castings).

Our handling technologies             

ibea uses the following handling parts that are used depending on customer specifications:

Vibration or spiral conveyor, step feeder, centrifugal feeder, drum conveyors, linear conveyors. We also have extensive experience with a variety of gripper applications.


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