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Know-how for Special Applications

For some special application fields standard systems are not satisfying. In those cases latest engineering know how for individual modified test- and inspection systems is necessary. ibea´s evaluation team offers many years of experience with the use of the following systems / procedures:

Image processing procedures used are: Surface- and texture analysis, 2D/3D-Measurements (Laser grill), position-independent component measurement, completeness control, barcode reading 2D/3D, decor control (black & white and colored), optical character recognition OCR


In production areas where single images do not release enough information, multi-camera-constructions are used for detail inspection. In principle each of ibea´s image processing systems is prepared for the use of several cameras. Up to 8 cameras (black & white, colored) are able to run at the same time on one single line. Those cameras record and process synchronized and join either one illumination or use additional illumination elements to inspect the product from different angles.
Between two images, ibea achieves a minimal cycle time of 7 msec. This offers the opportunity to run double image controls of one single object by using different illumination methods. 
Example of use:


Up to 3 production lines can be supervised by only one single control unit, which includes up to 8 cameras so that altogether 24 cameras can be controlled centrally.
Per line asynchronous images can be realized among each other. Flow control into one of the processing units is appropriate for splitting. It has to be mentioned that in practice this kind of splitting is refrained because it reduces the range of clock rate to 300-800 ppm.


One option of image processing is to use special thermo cameras in combination with heat introduction. That kind of inspecting method is called heatflow-thermography and offers lots of opportunities for energy contribution (a.o. inductive heat, lamps, lightning, laser, ultrasonic, hot air, and microwave) and therefore another application area.

For example the following defects can be identified, tested non-destructive and contactless: bad or weak spots in invisible bonding resp. welding scratches and blow holes in cast part. This inspecting method is a cheap and secure alternative to X ray technique and can be tailored to many kinds of inspection procedures.

Automation, Handling
We are specialized in automation and handling to. We gained experiences in applications to the automobile, the medicine and glass sector.





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