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Injection Moulded Parts Inspection


Injection - Parts - Separation - Inspection - Packaging

ibea Hamburg GmbH has developed an inspection cell for injection molded parts to answer to the quality check needed for cosmetic and medical sectors.

The system includes the entire handling of small plastic parts. These must be supplied to the system only in bulk. The parts are then separated by means of vibrating conveyor and fed to the inspection. The throughput is, in continuous operation at up to 400 parts per minute.

The inspection shall be carried on sorting belts or onto a glass plate (depending on application). The imager (camera stations) includes up to 6 individual cameras and can view the pictures at the same time or in the time lag in B/W record or color. Thus, the products can be controlled at 100%. Typical errors such as over injection, holes, and glossy spots injected holes, shiners or not fully injected parts are sorted out easily. In addition, color or greater deviations can be detected.

The system design is customer specific, because ibea works with in-house image processing software, making any necessary adjustments easy to implement quickly. It can be managed per Imager, 3 ejectors for a perfect error categorization. ibea plants are low maintenance and can be used  by remotely control (UMTS). The software is user friendly and grades changes are done in a few seconds.

The system can optionally be supplemented by an automatic packaging machine, making the products piece precisely packed in bag removed from the machine and can be shipped directly to the customer.

The ibea test cells can carry out all the necessary tasks - from isolation, to the 100% - examination, down to the products packaging - take over. Technologies like the possibly required ionization of the products this treatment are part of our portfolio.

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