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Inspection systems for the packaging industry

Our guideline is our product: Standard image processing systems with a high level of user comfort due to customer orientated, customized software for a 100% inline quality inspection with excellent system performance.

ibea focuses – decisive for excellent image processing systems – on solely high-quality cameras, lens and illumination groups. All the illumination elements are customized to the product, equipped with durable LEDs and are also qualified for the inspection of heavy reflecting products. A lot of standards are available.

Advantages at a glance:


Systems for cans, ends and closures

The Cube Cap Master CVIS



Systems for print and exterior inspection

Gate Keeper   High-End Can Line   PVM & CVM



Systems for hole and leakage inspection

LPT-7000   VPMS



ibea is using exclusively high-quality cameras, lenses and illumination components which is essential for high-grade image processing systems. The lighting elements are customized for the product, equipped with long-life LEDs and perfectly suited for the inspection even of highly reflective products.

Due to internal test systems and remote diagnosis we are able to check adjustments and functions quickly all over the world. Systems are structured modularly and can  be adjusted to existing production lines within short. Our accessories additionally increase this flexibility for lines with changing products.

ibea standard systems are sophisticated and proven systems that cover a wide range of common inspection processes.

ibea´s visual inspection systems (ViS) dispose of a large variety of software standards for almost every kind of application. Each application software offers the possibility to deal with multiple jobs, e.g. to meet several types of product representation and to handle product changeovers in a minimum time. 

Changes in a job can be accomplished at any time, also during the running inspection. During inspection the following issues are shown: error statistics, detected defects in the inspection process, Pareto´s analysis, system status and the last 200 failure images. Up to 3 pushers can be controlled by the internal RTS (Real Time System). 

During the whole inspection process failure images can be viewed and evaluated by the indicator browser. The running program can be modified or a follow-up program can be created. ibea´s indicator browser is a program which allows the user to list the last 200 images including the appropriate results in a clear way for a targeted and separate evaluation. Thereby usability for the employees is increased and so does the whole performance of the system.

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