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Compact VIS

Inspection – simple and reliable

ibea’s Compact ViS is a multilane inspection system and the result of more than 20 years development. The system combines outstanding performance with a compact size: It consists only of the imager and the connected computer rack. C ViS can easily be integrated to existing production lines. The system was developed for high performance usage (up to 3,000 parts per minute). The standard version can inspect curved or square products such as jar lids, TO-caps, cans, punching parts or seals with max. diameter of 190 mm and height up to 300 mm.  

Highest quality & flexibility

The modular system is flexible: The lighting, beam splitters or cameras can be adjusted to the respective product as well as to the changing demands of the future. A Real Time System (RTS) controls the timing for the image acquisition, lighting and up to three rejectors. A basic software, which can sense complex parts as well, is included. Due to its’ network capability, the whole system can be configured and monitored over the internet. The operating menu is self-explanatory, very clear and without training easy to use. Intelligent features such as the Indicator Browser for the subsequent inspection of defect pictures are a proof of the long term know-how ibea has in developing quality inspection systems.

All ibea system components meet high industry standards and therefore ensure stable, maintenance-free 24h operation in rough production surroundings for many years. Only high quality cameras, objectives and lighting groups are used. Depending on the product, the light elements are equipped with long-lasting special LEDs for the inspection of highly reflecting objects. Because of the intern test systems and remote diagnosis we can check settings and functions fast worldwide. 

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