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Cube - The next generation of visual inspection

The CUBE - ibea’s latest all-integrated vision solution - was designed for a multitude of applications such as the production of metal packaging.  The concept has been improved in all critical points. Based on feedback from our customers the CUBE is equipped with all necessary features to optimize the production process. Now correlations can easily be established to draw conclusions on the source of failures very quickly.

The new system is easily accessible for maintenance purposes. The entire electronics assembly is located in the detachable CUBE (PC and PLC) and can therefore be replaced completely which reduces time for troubleshooting considerably. After that, the system is immediately operational again.

The system is designed for high-performance production and is able to inspect up to 6000 parts/min. It also disposes of a multi-snap feature that enables you to take several pictures subsequently with different lightning. This feature increases the detection capabilities for small defects on difficult lacquers by up to 20%.

The system is cooled passively making airconditioning redundant. Futhermore, the system disposes of a status indicator using an integrated LED strip.

Innovative illumination is provided in RGBW, i.e. it can be configured in any colour - even in white - which allows a perfect adaptation to any kind of product, lacquer or customer requirement.

The new generation of ibea’s image processing software preserves the particularly easy and logical operation offering all features of state-of-the art production technology at the same time. In particular we would like to mention the automatic function that sets illumination, centering and scans by one click without deeper knowledge of the settings, enabling the system to be ready for production immediately.

Further information on the Cube System