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Service and Coaching


We would like to improve our services and hereby offer you the recall of our professional service team for the price of € 79.00 (plus VAT in Germany). Please complete this form completely and briefly describe your problem. Payment methods are Credit Card, PayPal or SEPA direct debit mandate.

If you have received a service code from us, you can order our recall free of charge.

Guidelines are to be found in our manuals, which we enclose with every delivered system. Receive further detailed information on our download page customer center.

Help and support on-site are receivable nearly worldwide. We are more than glad to advise you and will give you further information and details about our service upon request.

Phone (Office) :+49 (0)40 68 98 87 - 0

E-mail: service@ibea.de 


Remote Access

All newer ibea systems fulfil the requirements for a remote access.

What is the remote access to your system needed for?

Remote access enables you to keep an eye on your production at all times, without the necessity to stand next to the line. The jobs can be changed without the walk to the system.

Furthermore we are able to help you anytime with your system, which saves travel costs and time. Simply ask for a remote session.

Your company network does not permit external access?

No problem, we are glad to provide a compatible UMTS module. Using it you can build up a connection in a few clicks, when needed.


Each of our visual inspection systems are based and developed on customer specific requirements. Our systems are self-explaining and they operate without any intervention. Nevertheless, there are a lot of additional benefits with which we like to empower our customers to improve their production and prevent spoilage.

We provide all levels of training in our superb training centre in Hamburg, remotely or on site.

If you are interested please contact us to get your individual training offer best suited for your level of knowledge.

Repair requests

Send us your repair request to our headquarters in Hamburg. Before beginning with the execution, you will of course get a cost estimate from us.


Please add the RMA form below to every service request and part transmittal!

RMA form